Rest for Your Soul

rest for your souls

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  1. Terry Smitherman

     /  September 17, 2015

    Hey there, I was actively following you guys last year, thank you so much for inspiring us to follow in your Casita steps! 👍 I was goin to do the twin bed mod to our 2010 deluxe but we just ordered our new 2016 Independence deluxe 17′ 😎 we take delivery second week in December, can’t wait. We both are retiring end of this year and are headed to Florida January 2nd with our friends who just sold their 2013 freedom deluxe and now have a 2015 Spirit deluxe 17′. Any must do’s? Warnings? Have not made reservations yet to later? Ouita & Terry Smitherman 😎


    • Terry, I am thrilled for you! A shiny new Casita just in time for Christmas! And the only thing more fun than taking it to Florida is having friends in another brand new shiny Casita to share the enjoyment.

      Camping in Florida in winter without reservations means you have to be very flexible. Sometimes you have to scramble to find a spot. There are several good apps that help, but since we like to stay at state and federal parks, we use Allstays the most.

      Happy trails!


  2. Terry Smitherman

     /  September 22, 2015

    We are going to start a blog about our trips to Florida and the rest of North America, January 2nd begins the adventure 👍😎



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